ChallengerFest 9 April 13 - 15, 2018 Dodge Demon Auction



Official Event Charity





For the past several years at ChallengerFest we have supported Racing4Vets.Org, a service wounded veterans charity. I personally vetted this charity several years ago, and their vets frequently attend ChallengerFest in force. Hearing their stories, and speaking with them personally, solidified my committment to continuing support. Racing4Vets assist with counseling, job placement, etc, and their primary rehabilitation program revolves around motorsports, bringing service wounded veterans together on race teams, allowing them to work in a format their familiar with while achieving a common goal.


Racing4Vets mission statement says it best:







With that said, I'm thrilled to announce Laukemper Motors, long time ChallengerFest sponsor and the dealer I personally bought a 2SS Camaro and Hellcat from, donated a Dodge Demon for auction at ChallengerFest 9. The format is simple, the car was purchased by Racing4Vets at MSRP and the Racing4Vets name will be on the dash plaque and Demon Crate. The reserve is the MSRP price, and anything over that will 100% go to Racing4Vets, and is tax deductible. It's a WIN WIN for the potential winning bidder as not only will the funds be going to a fantastic and well deserving cause, it'll be a tax deduction to boot!


Bidders must file a bank authorization letter, standard practice in cases like this, to show they are financially able to cover their bid for their bid to be valid. The bank letter will be in a format similar to the below:



Dodge Demon Details


The Dodge Demon up for auction was spec'd by yours truly, and Lee Brown from Laukemper motors. We chose options we felt were most prudent to a car of this stature, and after much deliberation and discussion, feel we've optioned the car the way most buyers would have done themselves. You guys know I'm a fan of orange, so the car is painted Go Man Go, includes the passenger seat, rear seat delete kit, carpet kit, leather group, and uprated sound system. The Demon Crate will also be delivered with the car.


*The winning bidder will be able take delivery of this Dodge Demon on Saturday night, April 14, 2018 at ChallengerFest 9 in Bowling Green, KY.

*Payment in full required


This is the Priced Order Confirmation for review and this Dodge Demon is queued up for build in the very near future.



Bidding details will be opened soon, so start preparing those bank letters so you can be sure to get your bid in. Feel free to email me with any questions.


Watch this space for updated details and bidding instructions, and thanks to Laukemper Motors for their generosity!