Functional Hood Scoops


Knowing the SRT8 model Challenger came with functional hood scoops, and further knowing that the R/T Challenger had holes already in place for the exact same hood scoops, they have always been on my short list of modifications. However, after installing them and doing some simple testing I was quite surprised at just how effective they were. This is one of those modifications that is so easy, a full written article wasn't necessary, I instead opted for a quick video. The scoops are relatively cheap and I got mine from Mopar Super Center.



For this modification you'll need:


Right Hand and Left Hand Scoops: P/N 55399338AB and 55399339AB

Two plastic cards or dash removal tools

Painter's Tape


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Functional Hood Scoop Installation: 02:42


Here are the results of testing using a digital thermometer and wireless probe with a range of maximum 139.8* F. All readings were taken from the same locations in the engine bay and under the same atmospheric conditions of 95* F and 51% humidity. During testing the engine coolant temperature was in the 215 to 219 range. I would place the probe then drive until the temperature stabilized for each test. This amounted to around 150 miles of driving. At idle there was no change, but as you can see when the vehicle was moving there was as much as a 20 - 30* F difference. The maximum the probe was capable of reading was 139.8*F. I suspect the reason for the difference between the left and right fenders is due to the coolant bottle and overflow hose being on the driver's side. Those two components put off quite a bit of heat. So as you can see, this simple modification actually has quite a bit of benefit.



Right Fender


110.4*F 107.4
Left Fender MAX 138.0*F MAX


Functional IDLE 50MPH 70MPH

Right Fender


110.3*F 104.6*F
Left Fender MAX 126.1*F 120.5*F
Center MAX MAX 131.0*F


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